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Top 5 Ways Your Content Can Scale Up Your Facebook Engagement

by Dimitri

Are you wondering why some businesses are growing their fan base, comments and likes on Facebook while others are unable to make any stride even with similar content approach? Perhaps you are new or relatively old on Facebook and your brand seem not to be making any significant step toward achieving your target number of fan count. The fact that this is happening to some businesses including yours means there are some secrets that you need to learn to help your brand interact with the masses online.

Numerous studies have revealed that engaging content on social media, especially Facebook can have a huge effect on your search page rankings and lead conversion rate. Conventional knowledge tells us that businesses are subject to the 60/30/10 rule in which 60 percent of the content you post succeed to entertain, 30 percent to get your viewers inspired and 10 percent focuses on promoting your brand. However, recent analysis has shown that this rule never holds when it comes to online marketing. For example, Starbucks reported a 38 percent rise in sales due to advertisements on Facebook and that 19 percent of Facebook fans purchased at Target after exposure to compelling Facebook messages. This means that you can make your Facebook page more active and engaging through a re-engineering your brand’s content strategy.

Does creating incredible content in a manner that lifts your Facebook engagement make sense? Here are the top 5 ways in which your content can scale up your Facebook engagement and boost fan and comment count as well as the number of ‘likes’.


Make Twitter Work for You

by Dimitri

Million draw on Twitter to share information with others. Visitors have busy days operating businesses and homes, depending upon the Twitter connection to keep them abreast of world events. During a blackout at the Super Bowl, Oreo Cookies used the power of a tweet to step into real time marketing. This incident proved a major advertising switch and an economic event that turned the tide in advertising thinking. National News Media refer to Twitter as the go to place for real time information. It is difficult to get more validation than that.

Twitter has brought an innovative power to in the moment advertising. Companies held tweets in hand for advertising via Twitter when Royals had their child. This is an introduction to a new way of marketing, leaving every other media outlet secondary. This is a great platform for estimating the importance of a new product or finding an outlet for a product through retweets. Twitter is a media outlet a business shapes to fit its needs.

Talk to customers, send messages or campaign for a response. The Media site emails users when new followers link to them. Messages are sent through the Twitter format, alerting the newly followed. If a new product launches, the many people a business or user is following gets the message. This automatically places product information in thousands of email boxes. Even if deleted, product names will get a glance. Twitter is a more powerful system than any direct mail campaign.


Benefits of Conducting a Competitive Analysis for Your Company

by Dimitri

A competitive analysis is an integral part in ensuring the success of your company. It forms the basis of the business plan of your company. After identifying your competitors, you need to find ways to ensure you compete favorably. Monitoring how other businesses transact helps you to identify gaps and areas in the market, which require to be improved. By so doing, you can make your products or services unique; hence attract your target market.

A competitive analysis of your business should be a systematic process conducted regularly to take care of the changing demand and supply needs. It is a fundamental and beneficial requirement and can be achieved through a number of steps. It can be used by already existing company owners or investors intending to venture into a given market industry.

Who are the competitors?

Conducting a competitive analysis ensures you to identify both local and international competitors. With the emerging trends in marketing, which include online marketing, it is vital to have an idea of who all your competitors are. For a company that deals with imports and exports, you need to know other companies that trade in that similar manner. You need to know their origin, their influence on the consumers of your products or services, and their political influence in the region in which the company conducts its business. You can tell who your competitors are through the following ways:

  • Reading both local and international business directories
  • Press reports
  • Finding out from customers by use of questionnaires and interviews
  • Advertisements and exhibitions and or trade fairs
  • Reading marketing literature


Marketing in the Digital Era

by Dimitri

The world has seen a tremendous improvement in technology. This has led to increased efficiency in the manner in which business activities are conducted throughout the world. Most businesses and industries have embraced the use of digital technology in their marketing campaigns. As a result they have been able to stay ahead of their worthy competitors in this crowded sector.

The strategy being employed is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, SEO involves the use of strong words known as keywords. These words are used by people who will be interested in finding the company’s products. By keying in these words into the website, all the relevant information is displayed.

It is worth noting that the word chosen should be popular among the masses. This leads to quick results hence the web traffic to a given site is greatly improved. The net result is increased sales, which gives rise to the firm’s profitability. Similarly, the site should also be modified so as to provide alternative keywords should the initial one fail to produce results. This acts as a motivation to the potential online clients, hence chances of one abandoning the site are close to nil.

Millions of people around the world make use of keywords that direct them towards finding what they need. This implies that every firm must strive to come up with a strong keyword that has no competition. SEO is instrumental in providing access to social media networks. This provides an avenue for people to like the product or follow the latest developments. As a result, the firm is highly rated. This tends to build confidence and trust among the clients. The net result is that the company’s products will be deemed to be of superior quality due to the number of people approving of them. Properly implemented SEO tactics have a tendency of increasing the visibility of the site. This is attributed to the number of visits it receives in any single day or time.


Content Marketing

by Dimitri

Content marketing is a strategy that has been embraced by marketers the world over. With its growing popularity, every business wants to have a share in the great opportunities that these strategies present.

According to a study by eMarketer, by the end of the year 2013, the amount of money that businesses spend on content marketing will have grown by close to 15.1%. This means that businesses will be investing in the excess of $118.4 billion on content marketing.

The internet is presently the most important marketing medium in the world today. Every business or organization has to ensure that they place their mark on the internet. In a sense, not being visible online is the same as being nonexistent. This is why every business or brand must have a website or something online that their target can identify them by.

Content marketing involves the creation of material that one can use to sell their brand online. There is a wide variety of content materials that marketers develop depending on what message they want to pass across. As much as these are marketing strategies, you will notice that they take a more subtle approach unlike the traditional advertisements.

Content marketing involves the use of article posting, social media, blogs, newsletters, case studies, and in-person events.


Tips on Diversifying Your Link Building Tactics

by Dimitri

Getting inbound links from the right websites is very important. Doing so, will not only help you get more traffic to your site but also earn a higher ranking in Google and other major search engines.

However, Google is now cracking down on sites that engage in link building campaigns. For this reason, it is very important to make your link building efforts look organic and one of the best ways to make your link building look natural is to build links from different types of related sites. Following are some tips on how you can go about doing just that.


YouTube Links

YouTube links are some of the best links to have. Google owns YouTube and so gives relevant videos a high ranking. What is more, YouTube gets billions of visitors a year.

All you need to do to get a YouTube link is to post a relevant video you have made. It could be a webinar, short advertisement, and question and answer session or even just feature you talking about your products and how to use them. After uploading the video, add descriptive keywords in the tag section and a link to your site in the description area.


All You Need To Know About Content Marketing

by Dimitri

Content marketing involves creating content of different forms, like articles, videos, images and so on, and distributing the same with the intention of attracting customers for profitable gain. This content is normally designed strategically to acquire and engage a specific target audience.

Content marketing is a continuous process and not a one-time venture. The intention is to change the target market’s consumer behavior or to encourage them to retain a certain purchasing habit. This effect can only be achieved if the content market is embedded in a long term marketing strategy plan. Changing consumer habit takes a while and so, content marketing has to be continuous and involve a diversified approach.

Unlike the regular marketing strategies, content marketing does not try to sell goods and services to customers upfront. The marketer provides the target audience with valuable information about different things that are of interest to that particular target audience. In return, the marketer hopes that the audience will become a customer.

Most people will not have interest in reading infomercials because they are already aware that your main intention is to try to turn them into a customer. In an infomercial the sounds as though all they care about is promoting their product and finding a way to make money from the audience. Content marketing makes the reader feel that they can get something from the marketer as well.

Content marketing can be presented in different formats, some of which are outlined below.