Full Competitive Analysis and Reporting System

View all ranking metrics and compare them to your competitors

  • Analyze mozRank metrics
  • Receive full Whois data about the domain and analyze historical data
  • Obtain full data on products and services produced by your competitor

CompetitorLand is a web-based software, which can run the full competitive analysis and aggregate received results. You will be able to monitor historical data and see trends about your competitors.

Get full competitive analysis report about social activity of your competitor:

Keep on eye on your competitors’ activity on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
Track competitors’ blogs and get notified how many comments are they receiving and what their customers are saying

  • Track Everything

    Track Everything

    Track on a regular basis all critical ranking factors of your competitors.

    Be informed on changes on competitors websites.

  • Find & Compare

    Find & Compare

    Compare websites and define strong and weak sides of your competitors.

    Find your competitors, enter desired keywords and receive all potential list of competitors in less than minute.

  • Campaigns


    Create campaigns and configure each of them as separate projects.

  • Teamwork


    Are you working in a team? Configure user management system and set permissions and roles to each user in the team.

  • Competitive Research

    Competitive Research

    Manage full campaign of your competitive research, create lists and add all available information: Manage competitor list found by hand; Write comments and set reminders.

  • Use Templates

    Use Templates

    When the competitive research is finished, create a brand new campaign and import all found websites and other useful information to that campaign.

Participate in a beta testing, and you will receive a three-month free account when the product will be ready